The PM of India” Narendra Damodardas Modi”

This man is very motivated person because he is 70 years old  and he works 16 hours everyday. PM sir always says that “Mahatma Gandhi is my ideal”.      His childhood is very Full of difficulties. He is not so much rich .As a child, Modi helped his father sell tea at the Vadnagar railway station. He was very fond of studies. In 1978 Modi received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from School of Open Learning at University of Delhi, graduating with a third class.  Five years later, in 1983, he received a Master of Arts degree in political science from Gujarat University, graduating with a first class  as an external distance learning student. Modi’s marriage was arranged by his parents when he was a child. He was engaged at age 13 to Jashodaben, marrying her when he was 18. They spent little time together he do. They do yoga, exercise. Read a book and do a lot of work during the day and sleep less. They have to say :- गीता में भगवान् ने कहा है कर्म करो फल की इच्छा मत करो